This Should NEVER Happen!! Heartbreaking…

Sirdeaner Walker tells the heartbreaking account of how bullying led to her precious son taking his own life.  THIS is why I am driven to get No Mistake in EVERY SCHOOL.  A senseless tragedy; my heart goes out to her.  PLEASE HELP GET THIS BOOK IN SCHOOLS!!!

Here is the LINK to Sirdeaner Walker’s story on NPR:


This is MUCH BIGGER than me…

Dear Friends,

This has been heavy on my heart, so much so that I lay awake at night thinking about it before I heard a voice that called my name as I began to doze in the early morning hours.  I was thinking about how the book I wrote came into being.  As I’ve mentioned several times, it is not a book I planned to write.  Folk who write books for a living are typically under contract to produce a book that will make them and/or their publisher money.  It can be a very challenging position to be in, as often the inspiration to write that next bestseller has to be “pulled” out of somewhere – or else!  Many in that position are very adept at this, but sometimes regardless to what “upper management” wants, you must produce.  And under that level of pressure one in that position may simply write something (not their best work) to fulfill the contract. Not “knocking” that process; simply stating how that process of producing a book generally works, and that it’s not how it happened for me.

The fact that this story came through me as Divine Order tells me that there is a Divine Purpose to my creating it.  However, the obstacles in getting it distributed on a broad scale had me thinking lately that maybe I’m daring to “aim too high.”  When I discovered practically all catalogs which are the main references for librarians and schools to order books do not consider self-published works, I felt defeated.  After all, No Mistake not only tells a compelling and inspirational story on how a child can overcome low self-worth and the affects of being bullied and ostracized, its Discovery Guide workbook offers an additional educational instruction component not only for victims of bullying, but also for the perpetrators and even bystanders of abusive events.  I dare say, it is a NECESSARY book which BELONGS in school curricula WORLDWIDE.

This “promotion” business has always been very awkward for me; I’m more of the creative type. “Tooting my own horn” has always felt “weird” to me. But this recent creation of mine is so important to the lives of children suffering and feeling hopeless, I am being forced to come out of my “shy bag.”  Part of my reason for writing this book is very personal.  As a child I was ostracized and bullied because I was perceived “different” by my peers.  Feelings of low self-worth followed me into young adulthood and resulted in some very poor choices which have affected my life to date.  Abena’s story and the accompanying Discovery Guide were written with my childhood suffering as a guide.  The book was written with the objective that NO child – NO PERSON should EVER have to go through their lives feeling like they are “nothing,” and that there is nothing they can do about it.  Some children have even resorted to taking their own lives, and/or taking the lives of others from such levels of suffering and despondency.

This book is my offering to those who are suffering.  And now, I’m asking for your help make No Mistake: Journey to Self-Acceptance accessible to the World Community.  There are a couple of options.  Please choose to execute one – or all of them:

  • Contribute to the NO MISTAKE GOFUNDME PROMO CAMPAIGN. I created the campaign to fund much-needed P.R. and professional reviews, and to prepare the book for solicitation to publishers.  Please CLICK THIS LINK to contribute whatever you can:
  • Call or visit public/school libraries and school administrators. INSIST that schools include No Mistake in their diversity training/anti-bullying curriculum. Provide them with the means to order wholesale through CreateSpace Direct:
  • Direct them to the book’s AMAZON LINK, with information and stellar reviews:
  • TELL OTHERS ABOUT NO MISTAKE; BUY THE BOOK FOR SOMEONE WHO NEEDS IT.  Tell them to visit the Amazon link, and the WEBSITE: and let them know how important you feel the book is in contributing to facilitating safe and healthy places for children to learn and thrive.

Bottom line – EVERYONE is at least indirectly affected by a child being victimized by bullying.  If you are a parent/guardian or if you know a child, they have no-doubt at least witnessed another child being treated unkindly.  Those affected directly and indirectly need guidance as to how to navigate these difficult scenarios.  This is precisely why I wrote No Mistake; so children everywhere, regardless of their level of connection to events of bullying, can learn alternatives to feeling victimized and helpless to do anything about it.  Getting this book out into the world is MUCH bigger than Me; it’s MUCH DEEPER than the need to have a bestseller.  I understand firsthand what a victim of bullying is going through, and I wrote a “self-help book,” if you will, which imparts the wisdom of knowing NOW what I didn’t know THEN.  I lived through it.  Because of No Mistake, many children don’t have to.

PLEASE HELP get this book into the hands of those who need it.  THANK YOU!

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This story breaks my heart.  It is the reason I wrote NO MISTAKE, so that young people – PEOPLE – can have a resource to help them navigate the unkindness in the world; something to let them know they are okay.  My heart goes out to Rehtaea Parsons’ dad, Glen Canning, who continues to seek justice for his daughter after she could no longer bear the bullying, threats, and humiliation of being the victim of a senseless sexual assault, followed by being slandered with pictures of the assault on social media.

Praying for healing of her family and loved ones from this tragic event.

Here is the link to the interview of Rehtaeh’s father on NPR’s On the Media:



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